Sodium Nitroprusside

Sodium Nitroprusside

CAS No.13755-38-9
EC No.238-373-9
Molecular Weight:297.95
Molecular Formula:C5H4FeN6Na2O3
Known as:Sodium nitroprusside dihydrate; Sodium nitroferricyanide(III) dihydrate; Sodium nitroferricyanide dihydrate; SODIUM NITROPRUSSIDE DIHYDRATE; Nipridedihydrate

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We can produce this product that complies with the requirements of USP / BP / EP, and only offers for scientific research.

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Product Info

Test standard: USP45

Identification1. Ultroviolet Absorption
2. The change of the color
3. The flame test of sodium
SolubilitySoluble in water; slightly soluble in ethanol; very slightly soluble in chloroform; insoluble in benzene.Complies
WaterBetween 9% and 15%11.9%
Insoluble substancesNo more than 1mg/10g0.37mg
ChlorideNo more than 0.02%Complies
Limit of ferricyanideNo more than 0.02%Complies
Limit of ferrocyanideNo more than 0.02%Complies
SulfateNo more than 0.01%Complies
AssayNo less than 99.0%99.6%
ConclusionThis product meets all requirements of USP45, complies to all specification above.

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